CACIB Ludwigshafen

Great News!!!

I’m more than happy reached such an excellent result on the CACIB in Ludwigshafen.

XAVIER vom Vilstaler Land V1 Gebrauchshundklasse

Thanks to my super team Jakob Huber and Tom Eidinger who helped me a lot. A special thanks also to the judge Prof. Dr. Friedrich, that judged also this time fair and honest.

06 Aug 2016

CACIB Erfurt: Landessieger Thüringen, BOB

Top News!

Amazing results at Erfurt CACIB – we are more than happy

– working dog class V1
– Landessieger Thüringen
– BOB Best of Breed

Great teamwork today – special thanks to my friends Jakob Huber and Tom Eidinger, who acted for me today because of a precipitate illness!

And of course also great thanks to Claudia Wolf-Meixner who did an excellent job in judging today!

19 Jun 2016

World Show ADRK


The World Show ADRK is over now!!! 252 dogs from the whole World were entered.

XAVIER VOM VILSTALER LAND is under the 6 best of 28 dogs in his class!!

29 May 2016

Austrian Clubwinner

Xavier vom Vilstaler Land competed successfully against great dogs at the austrian club winner show. Now he is austrian club winner 2016!

15 May 2016

New litter planned!

Today Romina was covered by Xavier vom Vilstaler Land. More information: litter-planning

12 Apr 2016

IRAS Karlsruhe & IPO 3

There are two fantastic news today!
IRAS Karlsruhe 2015
Xavier vom Vilstaler Land Gebrauchshundklasse V2
During that time my good friend Monika passed with Shorty vom Vilstaler Land his first IPO 3 with fantstic results, although they had very few time for practicing!
part 3: 100Points; total: 278Points!

15 Nov 2015

Bundessieger- & Herbstsiegerschau

Bundessiegerschau Dortmund (10/17/2015)
Xavier vom Vilstaler Land Gebrauchshundklasse Klasse V3
judge: Siegmund Trebschuh


Herbstsiegerschau (10/18/2015)
Xavier vom Vilstaler Land Gebrauchshundklasse Klasse V2
judge: Werner Walter

18 Oct 2015

(Deutsch) Bundessieger Österreich

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

27 Sep 2015

New litter planned!

Today Oxana was covered by Larus vom Vilstaler Land. More information: litter-planning

24 Aug 2015

Neue Welpen!

Romina vom Vilstaler Land hat gestern 6 gesunde Welpen zur Welt gebracht.
Es sind 2 Hündinnen und 4 Rüden. Alle sind wohlauf!
Mehr unter aktueller Wurf

21 Jul 2015